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Katy – Office Manager

Photo of Shoreline dentist office managers Katy and Johanna

Katy & Johanne

I am very grateful to have this job. I had previously worked for my husband as his front office manager and have also had experience with three other practices.

In our practice, patients remember that they were listened to and that they are the ones who are in charge of their own treatment. We work hard at making sure that patients are not lectured to or spoken down to. We are not here to “educate” but, to come alongside the patients to meet their desires and goals for their teeth. Patients also remember our warm environment. I have had patients come early just so that they could hang out in our reception area and read the paper.

Our practice has a friendly, fun, skilled and sympathetic atmosphere. Our practice mission is to provide the best dental treatment available in a warm and welcoming environment.

Kasey – Bio Coming Soon

Photo of Shoreline WA Dental Assistants Kasey and Karen

Kasey & Karen

Karen – Bio Coming Soon

Photo of Shoreline WA Dental Assistants Kasey and Karen

Kasey & Karen

Vicki – Dental Assistant

Photo of Shoreline WA Dental Assistants Vicki and Ammy

Vicki & Ammy

I think a good dental experience is one where patients are greeted with warmth and a smile. I always strive to really understand my patients concerns and to put them at ease by explaining all procedures clearly. A sense of humor always helps as well! I became a Dental Assistant because I have always found the dental industry attractive and it has helped me fulfill my desire to help others. Our team is committed to giving our patients individualized care and we always do everything with the patient’s best interests in mind.

Ammy – Sterilization Technician

I joined the team at Dr. Scott Henricksen’s office in January 2013 as the Dental Sterilization Tech. Though I have only been here a short time, I already see what I wish to do one day as a dentist occur in this office. Dr. Henricksen and the whole staff are so inviting and caring, like a family to not only one another, but to their patients. There is a strong sense of unity in the office at all times and it is very comforting as a worker and as a patient. Being a dental patient isn’t easy for everyone, but when you walk into Dr. Henricksen’s office you feel more at ease.