Our COVID-19 Office Protocols

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Our COVID-19 Office Protocols

Although the authorities are gradually lifting restrictions, we will continue our COVID policies until further notice: Each team member will self-screen prior to coming in to work. We must each be symptom and fever-free (without medication), as well as not having been in recent close contact with any sick person. We are regularly sanitizing the non-patient care areas of our office, including frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, pens, faucets, and counters.  We have also put away all frequently touched items such as ... Read more

Homecare During COVID-19 Outbreak

Homecare During COVID-19 Outbreak We understand that our office closure interrupts the hygiene recall schedule of many of our patients. Because of the extended time between appointments and the fact that we can’t provide our usual in-person coaching, we want to make sure we are finding other ways to provide you with information to maintain excellent oral hygiene at home. Dr. Sekijima and our hygienists have compiled a list of helpful tips to help you continue to maintain your oral health while ... Read more
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COVID-19 Updates

To Our Patients, Since May 26, 2020, we have resumed preventive and restorative care.  Though our faces will be covered full time with our masks, know that underneath we will be smiling and happy to see you! IF YOU HAVE AN UPCOMING APPOINTMENT:  Please read the following questions.  If your answer to any of the questions is "Yes," please call our office to discuss the possible need to reschedule.​ In the 2 weeks prior to your appointment, have you experienced any COVID-19 symptoms (excluding side effects from ... Read more