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To Our Patients,

We will officially re-open Tuesday, May 26, and once again be able to provide preventive and restorative care.  Though our faces will be covered full time with our masks, know that underneath we will be smiling and happy to see you!


You will receive an email the week prior with pre-screening and check-in instructions.  Because we will be increasing our use of phone and email to communicate with patients ahead of time, please provide us with the best contact number to reach you if we do not have it already.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not you should keep your appointment at this time, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


We ask that everyone over the age of 5 who comes in our office wear a mask or face covering.  Children ages 2-4 should only wear a face covering if a guardian supervises to make sure it’s worn safely.  This is in accordance with our state’s Department of Health directive.


If our office closure meant that we had to move your appointment to a more distant time but you have an issue that needs to be evaluated sooner, we can certainly offer you a more immediate exam visit.  Please call or email to schedule.


If there have been any changes to your dental insurance plan, please provide us with the new information in advance, whether over phone or email.  This will help minimize in-person exchange.


Due to the extra PPE staff will be wearing, the temperature will be cooler in the office and you may want to bring extra outerwear should you need it.  We will no longer be able to offer you one of our blankets at this time.


If you would like to review the other precautions we have implemented, we have posted them on our website, available for you here.


Lastly, thank you for your patience, understanding, kind words, and encouragement through this.  It means more than I can express.  It is cliché to say, but I do wholeheartedly believe we will continue to get through this together, and we remain here for you.

With gratitude,

Dr. Sekijima and Team


We will continue to use this page to provide pertinent updates. At this time you may find:



Q: What treatment will you be providing upon reopening?
A: Following guidelines from Governor Inslee and our state’s Department of Health, we will be resuming regular preventive and restorative dental care in addition to addressing urgent and emergent dental needs.  However, if a patient’s risk factors for more severe COVID-19 illness outweigh the risk of delaying dental treatment, dental treatment will be delayed until it is deemed safe.
Q: What are you doing to keep patients and staff safe at this time?
Please see here.
Q: How will rescheduling priority be determined?
A: Patients are being contacted in the order that they were previously scheduled to have their treatment completed. We will also try to provide earlier availability for patients with more urgent needs.
Q: I will be past due for my hygiene appointment by the time I can be seen next. Are there additional things I can do to best care for my teeth in the meantime?
A: Yes! Please see the page we have created here.


Things to Do to Protect Your Oral Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak


We understand that our office closure interrupts the hygiene recall schedule of many of our patients. Because of the extended time between appointments and the fact that we can’t provide our usual in-person coaching, we want to make sure we are finding other ways to provide you with information to maintain excellent oral hygiene at home. Dr. Sekijima and our hygienists have compiled a list of helpful tips to help you continue to maintain your oral health while our office is closed. Though stress levels may be higher, now is not the time to skip our oral hygiene. If you are interested in reading, click here.

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