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Woman practicing Hygiene-Services at her Shoreline WA dentist

We are delighted that dentistry as a health profession leads the way in not just repairing the damage from disease and injury, but also preventing it. Perhaps our greatest joy in dental practice lies in this area. We love teaming with people in helping them to keep their teeth healthy and fit for the rest of their lives.

Cavity prevention therapy
Did you know that the kinds of cavities you get change with age? Childhood cavities are typically different in nature from the middle years, which are likewise different from those of the elderly.

We address these decay problems by vigilance and prevention before they occur if possible. We employ no less than seven different cavity control agents, utilizing them appropriate to the age of our patient and the type of decay we are dealing with. We also have many specialized home care devices that we recommend and/or dispense (many free of charge) to help you with particular problem areas. We also have at our disposal special filling materials that are especially resistant to re-decay for people with higher than normal decay rates. Any cavity prevented is a great benefit not just at the present time, but for the entire future of that tooth.

Cleaning appointments
How often should you get your teeth cleaned? It depends! People who have effective home care routines and naturally low levels of susceptibility to periodontal disease may do just fine with cleanings less often than every six months. People with tendencies toward periodontal disease often need more frequent and attentive therapy.

Dry mouth
Low levels of saliva production can be uncomfortable, and also lead to increased levels of cavities. Be sure to mention to us if you have noticed changes in how moist your mouth normally feels.

Teeth breaking and grinding
After decay and periodontal disease, this is the most common cause of tooth loss. You may notice teeth that are painful to bite on. Other signs are sore jaws when waking in the morning or headaches. Affected teeth can be protected by bite protection appliances (night guards) or strengthened with protective restorations.

For kids: pit and tissue cavities
Starting around ages 6 to 7 and extending into the middle teen years, the biting surfaces of the molars can develop alarming rates of decay. Much of this problem can be arrested with sealants, which, if done early enough, can prevent this kind of decay.

For more information about the hygiene services we offer, please call our Shoreline, WA dental office at 206.542.7600 and make your appointment today!