Dentist in Shoreline, WA

Jayna Sekijima DDS

This practice was founded by Dr. Scott Henricksen in 1980. Dr. Jayna Sekijima joined the practice in 2014 and took over in 2020 when Dr. Henricksen retired. Dr. Sekijima and the staff continue to provide an exceptional level of quality of care – and quality of experience.

We invite you to meet our team and discover the level of experience, education and commitment to quality and compassionate dental care that sets our practice apart. We are committed to practical and personalized care, striving to understand your individual situation, values, needs, and desires. Our comprehensive approach means we also consider your oral health within the context of your overall health.

Our goal is that our patients preserve their dentition in health for the rest of their lives, and that they be able to enjoy teeth that are trouble-free, pain-free, and fulfill their personal definition of attractive.