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At Scott Henricksen DDS, we want our patients to enjoy the best dentistry has to offer. We carefully introduce new techniques and technologies into our practice as they become available, and as we become convinced they represent a true improvement over what came before.

Do you ever wonder what we’re doing on that “day off”, when we aren’t in the office? A lot of times, we’re learning! We are involved in study groups and continuing education courses (and reading journals – ughh!!) at all times during the year. Some of the courses and classes we have taken in the last year or so include cutting edge material in periodontics, decay prevention, new esthetic filling techniques, oral cancer detection, TMJ and bite treatment, numerous children’s dentistry topics, instrument sterilization, implants, and much more.

We were among the early adopters of new technologies such as laser cavity detection, computerized local anesthetic administration, conservative localized antimicrobial therapy for periodontal lesions, using new thinner, stronger, more natural looking restorative materials, and a lot of other things that would take way too much time to explain, but make your dental treatment better in so many ways!

Call us today at 206.542.7600 to ask about our technology and how we offer stronger solutions using the most advanced dental equipment to fit your needs.
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