Our Technology

At Jayna Sekijima DDS, we want our patients to enjoy the best dentistry has to offer. In dentistry, new materials, techniques, and technology are constantly introduced. We carefully incorporate these new practices into our office as they become available, and as we are convinced they represent a true improvement over what came before.

All throughout the year we take continuing education courses and workshops, read dental journals, and collaborate with our colleagues to ensure the dentistry we provide is scientifically and clinically supported. Some of the courses and workshops we have taken in the last year or so include cutting edge material in decay prevention, periodontics, new esthetic filling techniques, oral cancer detection, TMJ and bite treatment, numerous children’s dentistry topics, instrument sterilization, implants, and much more.

One of our favorite pieces of technology is our intraoral camera. We use these regularly for documentation and to better communicate with you what we see in your mouth. We also offer digital x-rays, which allow less radiation exposure. There are certainly additional aspects that we may discuss with you as we deem appropriate for your care.