Meet The Staff

 Kimmi – Office Manager

I got into dentistry because I loved my dentist growing up.  After working as a dental assistant for 22 years, I made a natural transition to the front office position.  What I enjoy about dentistry is getting to interact with people and getting to know patients.  Specific to the front office role, I enjoy teaching patients about their dental benefits to hopefully remove some of the confusion and intimidation that can often surround dental insurance.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and love hiking and finding waterfalls!  I also enjoy kayaking and going down to the Oregon Coast.


Rosie – Patient Care Coordinator

I like to say that I got into the dental field sort of by accident. When I was getting ready to graduate from high school, I asked my dentist’s assistant if she liked her job. She said she did and I went with it! Luckily I ended up liking it and assisted for 16 years before transitioning to the front office full time. What I’ve liked about working in the front and in the back is being able to interact with patients in different ways: when patients are in the dental chair, there can understandably be more fear and anxiety, and up at the front, patients can feel more relaxed after they’ve made it through their treatment. I’m here for patients either way!

Outside of the office, I’m a big crafter, am an expert crocheter and I love to read. I also love spending time with my family – we’re big foodies!


Rebecca – Dental Assistant

I first became interested in the dental field as a kid because I really liked my hygienist. What I enjoy about dental assisting is the variety in challenges – you can work on the same tooth a million times and it will be different each time. I also enjoy taking care of people and helping patients feel comfortable, since most often the dental office is not where they want to be!

Outside of work I like to hike, spend time with my dog and family, and travel.  My dream travel destination is Germany. I took German in high school and fell in love with the culture and the beauty of the country.


Karen – Dental Hygienist

I chose my career as a hygienist after a program in high school placed me in an internship in a very innovative, forward-looking and engaging dental office.  I was off and running! Since becoming a hygienist I have been grateful to be involved in people’s quest for optimal health.  I joined this team in 2015 and the laughter and camaraderie we share as a team here is also really valuable to me.

The beach is where you’ll find me in my spare time. My husband, Shannon, our golden doodle, Dusty, and I spend countless hours at the beach and hiking on Ebey’s bluff. All you need is love and the beach.


Lisa – Dental Hygienist

My interest in dentistry stemmed out of my desire to work with and help people.  I’ve worked in private practice for most of my career, but after earning my masters in public health I also did work in the public health sector.  One of the most fun parts about my job is getting to know people over the years.  It’s also fun seeing how people react to improvements in their oral health after we’ve worked together.  It’s a great feeling to work to benefit others.

I am an avid cyclist!  I have always enjoyed biking, but I have been really getting into endurance riding over the past 5-6 years and love going on the trail system in the Pacific NW.


Ashley – Dental Hygienist

I got into dental hygiene because I love people and getting to build relationships!  In dentistry, we have the opportunity to see patients for a great span of their life, as well as to see generations of families.  I also love the healthcare aspect of dentistry and being able to see people get better and healthier.  The mouth is an avenue to the rest of your whole body, and I like to pay attention to the impact of oral health on overall health.

On a personal note, my husband and I have 3 wonderful kids and the cutest golden doodle dog.  I am passionate about working out and staying healthy, and chasing them can certainly be considered part of my daily workout! 


Tara – Dental Hygienist

I always knew I wanted to work in healthcare, and the dental field attracted me because I always had positive experiences at my dentist and orthodontist offices growing up.  I enjoy getting to know my patients, assisting them in meeting their oral health goals, and helping them feel comfortable and at ease in the dental chair!  In addition, private practice offers a warm family atmosphere to the patients and the dental staff that can be difficult to find in other work environments.

Outside of work I enjoy traveling, visits to Cannon Beach, working out at my local fitness center, brushing up on my rusty piano and flute skills (or lack thereof), dining in Edmonds restaurants, and family time on my parents’ property in the little town of Lynden.